Get The Look – All About The Eyes

Creating that perfect vintage eyeliner line is crucial to create iconic looks from the 1940’s onwards, therefore finding an eyeliner that’s consistency is easy to work with and that you trust to be long lasting is imperative. Having tried many different eyeliners from the lower to higher end of the market, my personal choice and recommendation is MAC’s Liquid Last liner at £15.00. I must admit that I use my own eyeliner brush rather than the brush it comes with as I feel this brush is a little wide for my liking, but it glides on effortlessly, dries quickly and once it’s on, it won’t be going anywhere! It needs to be removed with a oil based eye makeup remover otherwise it still won’t budge. Definitely worth a try if you have never quite found that right eyeliner that suits you, or if after a few hours of wearing your existing liner you get that line print on your upper eye Lid! . . . . X



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