Vintage Hair & Makeup

Vintage Hair & Makeup Workshops…. X

Pinaglis Vintage tearooms in Thundersley Essex was the latest venue for Betty’s Rock & Rollers Vintage hair & Makeup workshop. 10 ladies gathered to try out their skills at vintage hair & makeup. We started with makeup, its always fun when it gets onto the eyeliner flicks! Victory rolls and pin curls were next up with the ladies practising on themselves and also helping each other, and last on the menu was a cup of tea and the hugest slice of cake, well we deserved it after all that hard work! Always a lovely bunch of ladies and we have lots of fun wordpress pic 1 wordpress pic 2 Looking forward to the next one… X


New Rockabilly Shop Essex ….. X

Well…. how many of you living in the Essex area have felt the need to travel to London or Brighton to find some exciting Repro 1950’s Rockabilly clothes and accessories? well look no further… A Delightful little shop called Rockamilly has opened up in the heart of Rochford Essex, I had the pleasure of being invited to the opening of the shop on Sat 16th of May. With a warm welcome by proprietor Kirsty, the shop was buzzing with people. With the 1950’s music playing on the jukebox  I felt absorbed by the atmosphere and the great selection of colourful clothes and accessories, If you are into the 50’s Rockabilly scene a visit is a must! …. X

25 West Street, Rochford, Essex, SS41BE

Shop pic 1 shop pic 2 Shop pic 3 shop pic 4

Vintage Hen Parties

Vintage Hen Weekends…. X

Well… this weekend my stylist Maddison and myself had the pleasure of visiting the Happy Days Retro vacations campsite. Set in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk but not far from the coast sits this quirky retro site with several super airstream 1950’s caravans. A warm welcome awaited us from the proprietors Kevin & Jenni clearly passionate about their homely abode. Our reason for arriving was to spend the afternoon priming and styling 13 lovely ladies for a 50’s Hen party organised by the amazing Hope & Glorious vintage. We set to work in our fab retro salon for the afternoon ( usually the campsites reception). On went the 50’s music and the ladies arrived in their pairs and the salon came alive with victory rolls eyeliner flicks and laughter, meanwhile in the shelter the girls were having fun with afternoon teas & making crafty hair flowers to compliment there hair do’s, then glammed up the girls happily posed for shots for memories for keeps. What a warm and inviting setting I shall certainly be returning, cant wait! ….  X

Hen pic 2Hen picHen pic 4Hen pic 3

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding Button Bouquets…. X

I love the idea of the vintage style button bouquets rather than having flowers what an eye catching idea. One of my wedding clients a few years ago asked each of her invited guests to send back alongside their RSVP a button or two out of their sewing box, the bride then made her bridesmaids and herself button bouquets for the wedding day, she even colour coordinated them.. and they looked stunning…. X





Vintage London

Mary Quant…. X

One of my all time favourite icons Mary Quant.

Mary Quant was credited with many revolutionary developments which included the mini skirt, tights dyed in bright solid colours, and use of plastics and PVC, she presented a complete corporate identity made instantly recognisable through her daisy logo. In the early days Quants designs were garments were only worn by the audacious. In 1962 the mass market and commercial potential of Quants designs were recognised by America she signed a lucrative deal with department store J.C Penny to design ranges for their vast ranges of shops. A year later her clothes were offered to a wider range of the public in Britain and she set up a diffusion label ‘Ginger Group’ which was available in over 160 department stores, in further development to her branding, Quant designed minimal underwear her ‘youthlines’ range and the followed by her Mary Quant brand of makeup, here are just a few of her clothing designs…. X






Mods & Rockers

Mods & Rockers …. X

I love these pics of Mods & Rockers. The Mods & Rockers were two conflicting British youth subcultures in the early to mid sixties. The Mods subculture was centred on modern music 1960’s soul, rhythm & blues beat & ska & modern fashion of the 1960’s they opted for the suited clean cut look alongside their Italian scooters. The Rocker subculture was more about motorcycling and their appearance reflected that, wearing black biker clothes sporting a pompadour haircut in tune with the 1950’s, their choice of music being 50’s rock & roll hence the name “The Rockers” It was the Bank holiday spring of 1964 that the simmering rivalry between the two clashed at Clacton on sea , causing violence and mayhem towards each other then clashing repeatedly at piers and promenades across the country. Causing a media frenzy the subcultures were branded as causing moral panic.




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Vintage Photoshoot …. X

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of collaborating on a Vintage Photoshoot at Wakehurst Mansion In Sussex organised by Ingrid of Fine to Fabulous Hair & Makeup. A large team of specialist Hair & Makeup artists were brought in to style and dress a group of talented models to be photographed at this stunning backdrop
for a 1920,s and 1940’s/50’s theme. Here are a few shots behind the scenes I can’t wait to see the final shoot pics…. X