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Mary Quant…. X

One of my all time favourite icons Mary Quant.

Mary Quant was credited with many revolutionary developments which included the mini skirt, tights dyed in bright solid colours, and use of plastics and PVC, she presented a complete corporate identity made instantly recognisable through her daisy logo. In the early days Quants designs were garments were only worn by the audacious. In 1962 the mass market and commercial potential of Quants designs were recognised by America she signed a lucrative deal with department store J.C Penny to design ranges for their vast ranges of shops. A year later her clothes were offered to a wider range of the public in Britain and she set up a diffusion label ‘Ginger Group’ which was available in over 160 department stores, in further development to her branding, Quant designed minimal underwear her ‘youthlines’ range and the followed by her Mary Quant brand of makeup, here are just a few of her clothing designs…. X