Mods & Rockers

Mods & Rockers …. X

I love these pics of Mods & Rockers. The Mods & Rockers were two conflicting British youth subcultures in the early to mid sixties. The Mods subculture was centred on modern music 1960’s soul, rhythm & blues beat & ska & modern fashion of the 1960’s they opted for the suited clean cut look alongside their Italian scooters. The Rocker subculture was more about motorcycling and their appearance reflected that, wearing black biker clothes sporting a pompadour haircut in tune with the 1950’s, their choice of music being 50’s rock & roll hence the name “The Rockers” It was the Bank holiday spring of 1964 that the simmering rivalry between the two clashed at Clacton on sea , causing violence and mayhem towards each other then clashing repeatedly at piers and promenades across the country. Causing a media frenzy the subcultures were branded as causing moral panic.