Vintage Clothes

Is this Vintage? ….. X

I don’t know about you but a question I often find myself asking lately is what do we define as Vintage? At what point in the timeline do we say vintage stops here from this point these items cannot be classed as vintage. For an item that is very old to be classed as an antique it is defined to be over 100 years old, but for what we call vintage there are no boundaries. We are already seeing a creeping line of items from the 1990’s onwards lining the vintage fairs, we all appreciate that as the years move on these decades are becoming further away from us, therefore should hold a certain stake in the vintage world or should they? A few years ago if you grazed a vintage fair you would see the era of the 60’s and former years, maybe the occasional 70’s attire, but nowadays we see an array of all eras extending right up to the late nineties.

I suppose this could be classed as quite a controversial subject, I think if you speak to anyone that has been for many a year into the vintage scene, they would say that the 80’s and thereafter is not vintage! Whereas someone of a younger generation they would think differently, yet if anything they have been born closer to these eras so that doesn’t give any conclusions as to why they would call this vintage either, and let’s face it they are the next generation to be attending and buying at the vintage fairs, learning swing dance, and styling their hair and makeup to re create a certain era, so who am I to say.

I suppose when I pick a, shall we say vintage item, I like to transport myself back to that era, be intrigued by who might of worn it? Think about the occasion they may have worn it for? Feel an emotional connection with what may have been happening in society at that time, it just doesn’t seem the same picking up something from the recent years that hasn’t had time to have gained any history, and has no stories to tell and nothing to conjure up the imagination, but I’m certainly in no position to conclude what is right and wrong, it just my opinion and my passion for keeping true vintage along the right path,without it being pulled out of its niche, it’s certainly too special to lose that . . . X