Vintage Hair & Makeup

Achieving your vintage Brow shape…. X

Well what a currant trend brows have become over the last couple of years! They are making such a statement at the moment, but when we look back brows have always made a statement throughout the decades, they truly are just as important as our other facial features and should therefore be looked after, enhanced and premed as part of our daily routine. We can enhance our own natural brow by gently darkening the natural brow shape with a brow pencil or eyeshadow but to create a defined new vintage brow shape we have to appreciate that unless your happy to shave your eyebrows off and pencil them on it’s not going to happen overnight! We firstly we need to find a picture of the vintage brow shape we would like to aim for, then we need to patiently work with our tweezers or ask your beautician to work towards this certain brow shape, plucking threading or waxing approximately every 2-3 weeks to start creating this shape, some of us will need to grow the hair in some areas, some of us will need to have them removed.
Once that brow shape is achieved we can then look at suitable products and colours that define that brow shape even further to give us our perfect vintage brow, again depending on the look you want you may want to use a colour close to your natural brow colour or you may want to go darker for a more dramatic look, bare in mind using a eyeshadow type product will have a softer edge on your shape and a pencil will give you a more defined stronger look. Good luck with those brow shapes!